Similarities and Diversity in the SEO Industry

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those modern day ironies: vastly popular very little I understood about the process. Despite the fact that the industry generates more than a million jobs in Asia alone, employing a significant number across segments of young adults, academic achievement, status or field of specialization, many are still unaware of how SEO companies work and why it has become such a vital part of modern business operations.

In a nutshell, SEO companies function as indirect, virtual and technologically advanced advertising arm that help boost the visibility of a company’s website. SEO companies including those in Singapore and other Asian developing economies like India and Philippines use a range of digital strategies to improve search engine ranking of websites and optimize its virtual presence. That is, SEO companies are contracted to make sure that every time an internet user or potential client enters a keyword to search Google or other search engines, the company or organization’s website will appear on the first page of the search results. Most companies even aim to be on the top five in the list. Either way, being on the first page of the search is important since it boosts the accessibility of the website and therefore a given company’s products and services. SEO is, therefore, a vital tool in establishing an on-line presence and is an indirect way of communicating that a company is relevant and authoritative. Again, such public image helps raise potential clients or patrons. Simply put, the more visible and accessible a company’s website is, the larger the potential client or consumer base.

Since modern commerce is now waging wars in the new frontier of the digital terrain, SEO agencies and services are therefore a company’s frontline and strongest force as millions of other websites and social media applications battle for public attention. There is today more than a hundred SEO companies and service providers in Singapore that vary in services rendered ranging from traditional digital advertising companies to newer forms of online search and social media marketing firms.

In terms of strategy, most SEO companies employ similar techniques and methods. These strategies include content writing using bot crawls that helps search engines like Google rank a website based on search results or hits. Other companies also offer on-page SEO where technicians log into client’s website and make necessary changes to increase relevancy based on chosen keywords. This involves changes in site design for better content, improved architecture for better accessibility, and insertion of mobile updates which is currently an efficient optimization strategy. Off-page SEO techniques, on the other hand, prompts other external web entities to endorse clients’ website. Larger, more established SEO companies in Singapore also offer digital strategies for multi-faceted campaigns which are a combination of online marketing strategies and services like digital marketing campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, conversion rate aside even additional services for web design and development.

Although the services are largely similar, Singapore SEO companies are a diverse lot. First, there are those that offer short-term monthly packages for companies with already decent search engine ranking but still seek further improvement or adjustments in strategy. These companies usually offer short-term and very specific services due to similarly very particular targets. And then there are SEO companies that offer long-term services for these outstanding targets that can be achieved only an extended period, often more than a year. Still, some companies, with their own SEO units contract services of SEO companies in Singapore for consultation at hourly rates and monthly retainer’s fees.


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