Restaurants and Catering Services


Food is our basic necessity to get the energy that we need for our daily lives. With such need, it is to be expected that there is a fierce competition in the food industry. Here in Singapore, different food businesses like restaurants, fast foods, food carts, small eateries, fine dining, food catering services, and even street foods, thrive to be successful. All of them intend to get more customers to try their menu and keep them as regulars, which is necessary for one’s business growth and profit. But what is best way to step into the food industry with a small capital and a bit of knowledge when it comes to serving food? Of course it has to be catering. Catering services may not be as big as restaurants or your local fast food chains but it can really be a good starting business since it doesn’t really require many amenities compared to bigger food businesses.


These differences shall help you decide whether catering services would be best for you or maybe starting up a restaurant instead would be of greater benefit:


Restaurants can only serve as much as its seating capacity and table tops, however, they can still serve people who wants to order take out. But for catering services, they need to make sure that they have enough staff, materials and supplies for the event that they are catering for. Bigger events may require more staff, storage, kitchen equipment and utensils which can be costly. Make sure to not take social gatherings that may require more than what your catering service can provide.


When it comes to the menu, a restaurant can work with just one menu and still keep their regulars. However, catering services may require more menus as you are actually providing service to a lot of different people in a specific party. Your clients may expect some of their friends who are vegetarians or allergic to some spices. So being flexible with the menu is a must, specially when catering for corporate events and gatherings.


Most restaurants also provide their own catering services, since they already have the right equipment and tools to do so. This is to extend their means of profit and promote their business, specially when people really liked their menu and their regulars would go for their service as well. Still, catering services still require permits and licenses to start the business.


For starting up a catering, it doesn’t cost half as much as setting up your own restaurant. For a new restaurant to be successful, it must have a strategically good location so that they can market their food better and must have a good customer base in its first few years since the return of investment is a long term process for such food business. However, for both restaurants and catering services, the management must always consider getting the right staff for the job. Since both business require excellent customer service, it is crucial for them to properly serve their clients and customers so that it can help their business growth by referrals and possibly worth of mouth.



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