3 Tips for Finding Family-Friendly Restaurant When Travelling


Meal time is more often than not family time or at least a time you spend with your loved ones. And if you’re dining out with kids or a multi generational group, you’ll want to head someplace where everyone will enjoy good food. First stop then are family-friendly restaurants that serve food for all types of eaters.


Anywhere you are, chances are you won’t have troubles  finding one that offers quality, healthy food for all ages. You’ll even find a steak restaurant with a menu for kids if you’re in Singapore. While it may save you more going for ‘instant’ food items or preparing food yourself, you know part of your travel experience is enjoying what local dining destinations offer.  In this regard, here are some tips you may want to consider when choosing a restaurant to take your family for a treat.


  1. Research ahead of time. While there are several restaurants near where you’re staying, you’ll want to do some research in advance. When everyone’s already tired and the little ones are already grumpy and hungry, there’s a possibility you’ll be heading at the first restaurant you’ll see. But if you have already planned ahead of time where you’ll be eating, then you won’t have issues navigating through restaurants come meal time. If anything, restaurants also have websites where you can check out menus in advance. You can even filter your search if you’re looking for a particular item, say the best beef steaks in the city.


  1. See about old restaurants. If a dining destination has been around some time, from one generation to another, then that’s a sign their food is well-received. This is also one factor you should be on the lookout for. If you’re still unsure, you can always do a crowd testing once you get to the place. See if local and foreign customers flock the restaurant, then you’ll know they’re probably doing a good job. Don’t think too that just because a restaurant has been there for decades means they no longer get to update their menu. Chances are they have specials for kids and picky eaters too.


  1. Check recommendations. Ask other travelers where they dined with their families. Do visit food review sites. If you’re going to Singapore and targeting a kid-friendly steakhouse, you’ll want to be specific with your search. For sure you’ll find tons of recommendations whether from locals or travelers. Apart from the food quality, check about the portion and price too. If everything fits your preferences, then by all means do come by the restaurant. Let your kids view the menu themselves and see photos of the food being served. If there’s ice cream and desserts available, all the better.


Should you have a great experience yourself at the restaurant, then don’t forget to share a word with other travelers. Most especially those that are travelling with kids like you. It’s good to be trying authentic, local food but it’s also worth giving local restaurants that serve familiar food a try. Go look for good restaurants today way before your travel date comes!

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