Crucial Tips to Remember When Choosing a Corporate Caterer

corporate caterers

When holding a business meeting or a corporate event, your number one goal is to impress your guests. You’ll want to leave a positive impression. And as much as what you have to say is important, more so is the food you’re serving. You’ll have to tell your clients that you mean business starting with the meal that awaits them.


You probably have already attended countless events before and you know yourself how much you look forward to a memorable meal. You’re not alone. That said, it’s worth taking your time when comparing corporate caterers.


Let’s talk about few tips when choosing a caterer for your corporate event.


First off is to decide on a budget. You want to satisfy everyone without breaking your budget. Think about how much you can spend for the catering. Consider the number of guests you have invited along with everyone in the team that will be present for the event. Many make the mistake of holding food tastings and choosing a menu before even discussing their budget. This results to frustrations as the fee turns out to be higher than they can afford. Once you have already decided on a budget. You can immediately limit your options after advising the caterer.



Know your guests. Who are your special guests? Do they have dietary requirements? Do you think they’ll say no to sweet and salty food? This may take much work on your end but if you’ll go the extra mile gathering this information, your guests will surely appreciate it. You might even score their approval even before you get to hold your event. This will also ensure that everyone will enjoy a good meal. And you’ll also be able to advise your caterer beforehand. This will also allow them time to prepare or adjust their menu.


Compare several options. No matter how much you loved the catering company you talked to, still make the effort to talk to more teams. You’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the best choice. And you will only be able to do if you have more time in your hands before the big event. It’s crucial then to start with the preparation ahead of time. Note that the best catering company in Singapore can get booked real fast. You’ll want to secure a slot as early as you can. This will also give you the chance to discuss more of your special requests if there are any.


Look into execution. You’ll find a good package but the last remaining question is whether it’ll be the same on the event day itself. Will the team be able to do a great job setting up? Will they be able to present the food well? You can have a feel of the team’s performance by looking at past events they catered in. Look at photos posted by guests themselves to see the actual catering job.


If you’re holding the corporate event in Singapore, it’s easy to find catering services providers. But remember these tips before starting your search! Then you’ll see your guests happy throughout that important day for your business.

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