Another Year, Another Birthday To Celebrate With Your Boyfriend?


I was a birthday Grinch before. Yes, I don’t want to celebrate my birthday because it just reminds me of how old I am now. Things have changed when I finally meet my boyfriend. A guy that would make you feel special on your birthday. Your birthday that you just treated like an ordinary day before is now a day that you’re looking forward to. I’m looking forward on what our plans together.

I’m so fortunate to have a boyfriend who also loves to travel. Love to travel is one important thing that we have in common. I still remember in great detail my first birthday that we have celebrated together. We have planned to travel to Taiwan. There are a lot of places to explore in Taipei City – yet we just opted to explore their Zoo, then ride a gondola, and climb on what they called elephant mountain where you can view the beauty of the city.

My boyfriend doesn’t fancy wildlife entertainment such as the Zoo, but I made him explore the Taipei Zoo because I want to see their Panda. He said, “it’s your day! How can I say no to you, my love?” My heart leaped with joy. This man knows how to make me smile.

Anyway, back to Taipei Zoo. I was tad sad when I saw the panda. The panda was all alone in the cage. I don’t know if they did it because they know panda are not the type that is sociable, or the panda’s buddy just died that’s why it’s all alone now. Either way, the panda that is all alone in its habitat is not pleasurable to watch.  After an exhausting animal watching, we’re off to the mall. He is craving for a good steak. I have suggested looking for a restaurant that serves a good steak just like in Singapore. There’s a family restaurant in Singapore, where we always visit if we’re craving for a good steak. A perfect steak for my perfect birthday celebration. Well, we haven’t got any luck in finding such fine dine in. But we also had a nice meal with Baobing. The Baobing is a plate of shaved ice with sweet beans and condensed milk,  a perfect birthday treats to me.

Nothing beats staring at the sunset as your last activity during the trip. Spending it on the Elephant mountain and climbing those hundred steps to reach the top. Your sweat is all worth it – because at the top you can find serenity. A sweet escape to the busy world. You will find yourself thinking how thankful you are to meet a guy who is willing to be waste his time traveling with you, wasting his time exploring the world. This would be the most romantic thing on my birthday that I will never ever forget.

Thankful for your very existence on this Earth. I am now planning where to go next. Where is the place my feet will bring me this time, and hoping I would still celebrate with my boyfriend? More birthdays and more adventure to come.

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