Please Your Picky Mom This Mother’s Day

mother's day no distance

Mother’s Day is approaching, did you already think of nice gifts for your mom? Mother’s Day isn’t about grandiose celebration and burning a large sum of money. In the event that you don’t have enough cash, all you need is creativity. You should give her something she will cherish for the rest of her life. Be it a gift or an experience that she will never ever forget. A day that you can tell your mom how much you love her. A day that you can cook her favourite dish and see her compliment it.

More than half of my neighbours have their gifts ready for this special occasion, and there’s me  – who doesn’t have a clue on what to give to her. By the way, she’s working as a chef in Italy, while me, I’m doing a property sale here in Singapore. It was something like a property auction listing, however, those properties were only available around Singapore. Yes, it’s sad that we have been apart for three years now, and yes, I have survived the days without my mom on my side giving me a hug. Luckily, this time, we will be able to celebrate mother’s day together because she’s now coming home to Singapore this weekend.

That being said, I want this occasion to be extra special. Although, not to the extent that I’m not going to buy one of the properties that I’m selling at my work and give it to her. I wish I could, but my mom is richer than me, and I’m pretty sure she can afford her property of her own. We celebrated Mother’s day before by traveling. The last time was in Thailand. This was three years ago. We had a great time exploring the Grand Palace. According to our tour guide, some of the materials that were used to build the temples were donated by the Kings and other higher officials of other countries ( I don’t remember the country, but I think the guide mention “French”).

Since we were traveling, and I don’t think she would appreciate a travel after a long commute from Italy, I can’t think of any unique ideas to make her feel special. My problem is she’s picky. Before I can say what she likes and what she doesn’t like. I guess, because we’re apart for three years, and in three years, many things could possibly change. I have known her to be in love with luxury shoes. Sure, I can afford it, but I bet she got tons of them in her closet in Italy. She also loves reading books, and maybe I could include two books as a gift. It would give her a joy if I would include a bookshelf with amazing designs.

Whatever gift you want to give to your mom, whether it’s a box of cookies you made on your own, or a glass of wine imprinted with her name, saying, “She’s the greatest MOM”, it is the thoughts that count.

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