How to Have a Summer to Remember

summer cycling girls

Instead of cussing like a sharp-tongued sailor with a barnacle stuck up his hole where the sun does not shine and complaining all day that strains their fragile relationship with everyone around them because of the oppressive and inescapable summer sun, people should just enjoy the time off from school and work as they look for different ways to beat the heat. They can travel around the world, visit exotic places and cross off items on their bucket list if they have extra cash lining their pockets or padding their fat bank accounts. But if they cannot afford to pack their bags, book airplane tickets and go on a well-deserved but expensive vacations, they can just head to the local cycle shop and buy or rent a bicycle and safety gear so that they can ride around the town and feel the sun glistening on their bronzed skin and the wind caressing their hair.

After all, it is just a matter of perspective and people can choose whether they want to remain miserable in the unfavourable situation that they find themselves in or be positive and happy instead as they look for different ways to dig themselves out of their proverbial holes. With that said, here are some fun, exciting and healthy activities for the whole family this summer that will help them beat the heat and refuse to be a victim of their circumstances.

Ride the Lightning

For those who love to pretend like they are speed demons on two wheels but are too afraid to actually purchase a dangerously fast motorcycle and blaze through the streets, they can go to Singapore and visit a bicycle shop to have a blast from the past and relive their salad days when they used to ride their bikes with their friends from the old neighbourhood.

Hit the Beach and Hang Ten

Heading to the beach opens up countless of options for them because there are many activities that are waiting for the whole family. While parents lounge on the sand, work on their tans and enjoy tropical drinks, younger children can build sand castles and collect seashells around the shore. And for older teenagers who are looking for more exciting activities that will get their blood pumping because of the adrenaline rush, they can try hanging ten on the high waves, exploring the coral reefs or spearfishing under the ocean.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Finally, for those who want to rough it out and get back in touch with Mother Nature, they can pack up their tents and sleeping bags as they go camping in the woods. Aside from singing songs and roasting marshmallows around the campfire, young children can also learn different survival tactics from their parents like tying various types of knots, pitching their tents, looking for edible plants as well as starting a fire. And for those who are afflicted with bloodlust and want to feel the thrill of the kill, they can bring out their big guns and go hunting for different kinds of a game like ducks and deer.

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